Company Profile

THP (Thornehope) is an innovative, boutique and international experiential designer and producer.
Founded in 2009, we have been growing steadily ever since with our project footprints covering four continents, highly praised and recognized by our clients.  
"Thorn"​ and "Hope"​ compose our name "Thornehope"​, meaning that the path we take will be grown with brambles, only determination, innovation and dedication can turn things around and achieve success.
All THPers are passionate, dedicated and open-minded professionals.
But what holds us together and being outstanding is that we all believe in the same goal and faith to make success happen.
When there is a will, there is a way.
THP is NOT for everyone.
Our core values are:
1. Dedication. Client success is our first priority,
2. Innovation. The relentless search to generate more value,
3. Determination. Our original heart to transfer "spirit & soul" into our design works.
THP is not the largest agency YET, however, we firmly working together for one common goal – strive for nothing less but becoming the BEST!