MWC 2021 goes Hybrid: May Industry update

In other news, Xiaomi, the Chinese Mobile phone giant opt for a virtual part of the exhibition citing travel restrictions and safety concerns for its withdrawal. This follows the recent good announcement of Xiaomi finally taken out of the USA blacklist of companies related to the Chinese military. Attendees who cannot physically be in Barcelo can enjoy the display of technology by purchasing their virtual pass: €438.9 (iDiscovery) or €768.9 (iLeaders).

Our World today through the lens of the Event Industry

The global situation has much improved in the first quarter of 2021 with the inoculation of vaccines in many parts of the world. Many industries are experiencing a revamp in activities. The event industry although has gravely adapted virtual experiences, the improvement in local covid situation and economy has paved the way for resuming activities across all regions and related industries. This week’s session takes a spine at some interesting news in the event industry.