THP 2021 Q1 Briefing

As a creative player in the exhibition industry, THP has never stopped innovating. In the first quarter of this year, THP planned, designed and executed the first Online comprehensive marketing Conference curated for overseas high-end government and corporate customers-Huawei EBG Industry Digital.


Continuing the culture, the 5th TGIF lead us to the most talked-about show in recent months; Shanghai Auto Show 2021. It’s the first major exhibition in 2021 since the pandemic. Our team of designers, project managers, explored the large floor of the Exhibition. Against their background of experience in the auto show and the industry at large, the focus was to explore current technologies, designs employed by various vendors for this year’s show and also to experience the show.

Our World today through the lens of the Event Industry

The global situation has much improved in the first quarter of 2021 with the inoculation of vaccines in many parts of the world. Many industries are experiencing a revamp in activities. The event industry although has gravely adapted virtual experiences, the improvement in local covid situation and economy has paved the way for resuming activities across all regions and related industries. This week’s session takes a spine at some interesting news in the event industry.


The Church of Light and the Buddha transformation project touched me very much. The designers created the present works with different perspectives. However, the Naoshima project impressed me even more. The designer turned an obscure island into an art mecca, combines design with the existing environment and can re-endow its value, is the charm of the design. – Lyra, Senior Graphic Designer

#HerTelling: Voices of Global Women

#HerTelling is a social initiative to create a column for women around the world, hear their voices on women empowerment. We get an insight into their personal lives and careers as long as they are willing to say it. THP recognizes the need to honor the outstanding power of women, inspire the new generation of women and promote talent equity and inclusion.

Thornehope calls on more like-minded friends to join us and jointly promote the development of colorful talents.

THP wishes everyone an early Niu Year.

February 12, 2021 is the Chinese New Year. At the beginning of the New Year, we have a reunion dinner with relatives, and the Spring Festival celebration also ushered in the Year of the Ox, which marks the end of the Year of the Rat.


In the first quarter of 2020, the world was plagued a global pandemic ushering in the first “battle” of 2020. As efforts to control the pandemic situation, many restrictions; such as lockdown were put in place by various government across the world. This had huge impact on business especially the event and experience industry. However, THP persevered to make success happen admits the challenges. THP maintained its professional attitude and tenacity to produce the following offline and online projects:

China GDP: IMF forecast to grow by 7.9% in 2021

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts 7.9% GDP growth for the Chinese economy short of an earlier projection of 8.2% in October 2020. The recent weeks has seen increased tension between the United States and China leading to technological decoupling, restrictions on dollar fundraising for Chinese companies via Hong Kong among other domestic financial risks.