Life to return to Shanghai in June

After 2 months of systemic lockdown, shanghai is expected to ease restrictions in June. Since the outbreak of the Omicron virus, various communities in Shanghai went under heavy and costly restrictions. The entrenched Zero covid policy has created repercussions and costs to both businesses and individuals. Various industries have experienced project cancellation leading to companies…

Shanghai Lockdown: The Epilogue – THP volunteer Experience – ” Grandma And Grandpa, This Is Not A Dream “

“There are many elderly people in the community where I live, and some young people are unwilling to join the volunteer team because they are worried about getting infected. They also think neighborhood committees will have lots of work to do everyday. So as a Communist Party member and a veteran, I think it is even more important to render my support to them at this time. Although these things are their responsibilities, they are not obliged to serve us. When the lockdown started, I actively responded to the government’s call to join the anti-epidemic team, put on the gear to became a volunteer.”

Health officials in China’s Qingdao suspended!

On October 14, the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee decided: Sui Zhenhua, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Municipal Health Committee, is suspended pending further investigation. The authorities appointed Comrade Yang Xixiang, Executive Vice Minister of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, to preside over the overall work of the Municipal Health Committee.

WUXI Railway Station. Special service channel created for the elderly and people without Health QR Code.

On October 9th, the Wuxi Railway Station in Jiangsu Province created a services channel for the elderly and other passengers without digitally generated health QR code. In events of elderly without phones, people who cannot access WeChat or do not have mobile phones, such passengers after checks, receive the paper version of the outbound pass through this service channel.


Experience the new Joy in Wuhan during the 2020 Chinese Golden week Holiday. As the pandemic continues to cast a shadow on many countries and regions around the world, China quietly celebrated its eight-day National Day holidays from 1st – 8th October. This was made possible by the country’s efforts to stamp covid19 pandemic to…