Shanghai Lockdown: The Epilogue – THP volunteer Experience – ” Grandma And Grandpa, This Is Not A Dream “

I ❤️ Shanghai, Let’s protect it together

《我❤️上海,共同守沪》终曲 – THP志愿者故事 – “姥姥爷爷,这不是梦“

“There are many elderly people in the community where I live, and some young people are unwilling to join the volunteer team because they are worried about getting infected. They also think neighborhood committees will have lots of work to do everyday. So as a Communist Party member and a veteran, I think it is even more important to render my support to them at this time. Although these things are their responsibilities, they are not obliged to serve us. When the lockdown started, I actively responded to the government’s call to join the anti-epidemic team and put on the gear to become a volunteer.”


Today is May the 3rd, 2022, and it has been 35 days of lockdown in Shanghai to control the spread of the Omicron virus.


My daily task includes: maintaining nucleic acid testing order, sterilizing community buildings, delivery of personal and government materials, distributing antigen reagents, group shopping materials, and sorting and distributing residents’ medicines. I work 10 hours a day. Many hours are in the neighbourhood, and the clothes in the protective suit are socked and stuck to my back every time as if they were soaked in the rain.

During the period, there was one thing that left a deep impression on me and also brought me a lot of fulfilment and feelings:



I remember very clearly that on the morning of April 4, the fourth day of the epidemic, a fellow volunteer in the volunteer group said that there was a grandmother in her 80s who was suffering from uremia and needed to go to the hospital for blood tests three times a week on a regular basis. However, she accidentally fell down the stairs and fractured the pelvis near her left leg, so every time she went up and down the stairs, she needs the wheelchair to move.

A few friends and I accepted the task, went upstairs to help the grandmother, and carried her down the stairs carefully step by step.

“Grandma, hold on to the handrail, we’re going down the stairs.”

“I’m old enough to live”

“It’s tiring to live every day now”

The gloomy grandmother kept moaning under her painful expression.

“It’s okay, grandma, we listen to the doctor’s words, check and treat on time, and you will gradually get better.”

The three young men were struggling to carry her, and I patiently persuaded them.

“Guys, every time I give you trouble, when will this epidemic be over …”

” Grandma, the epidemic will be over and the disease treatment will get better. Your son will definitely come to see you, and your granddaughter who just entered Fudan University …”











Grandma’s gradually calmed down. When I came back from the hospital that day, the grandmother and grandpa thanked me for helping them again and again. I thought of my grandmother and grandfather far away in my hometown. They should be about the same age as the grandma and grandpa, right? How are they now?

Every time the grandmother goes for hemodialysis, she needs a nucleic acid certificate within 24 hours, so she has to go to the hospital for nucleic acid tests the day before each hemodialysis.

We meet more and more times whilst talking about their family, granddaughter a lot. Her mood is getting better and better.

On April 16th , I cheered up, shook off my exhaustion, and went to pick up my grandma as usual. We chatted casually on the way to the hospital:





” How are you feeling these days? Grandma? “

” Better than before! “

” It’s great to hear that you’re in a great mood, grandma. it’s good for your health. “

” If it’s not good, I would feel sorry for your efforts, Liang. “

” It’s a mutual support grandmother. I can’t go back to my hometown to be filial to my grandparents during the lockdown. You gave me this opportunity to make up for my guilt. “

” Liang, where are you from? “

” I’m from Lanzhou, Gansu province grandma.”

” Are you alone in Shanghai? How long have you been in Shanghai? “

” Yes. It has been four years since I came to Shanghai alone. “

” Liang, you don’t have any relatives in Shanghai. If you don’t mind, you can take me and my husband as your relatives. “

“Grandma and grandpa, when I help you, I will treat you as my own grandma and grandpa. When you encounter such emergencies and difficulties, what I do is what I should do!”











“奶奶爷爷,我在帮助您们的时候,就当您是我的姥姥、我的爷爷。 您们在遭遇这样突发事件和困难的时候,我所做的这些都是应该的!”

This warm dialogue and the change of grandma’s mood really gave me a lot of motivation.

By the evening of April 24th, the grandma and grandpa had abnormal nucleic acid results, and then they were diagnosed with the Omicon on the 25th. With the continuous coordination and efforts of the neighborhood committee team, the two elderly people were transferred to a hospital near their home on April 27th. With full-time medical care, they also solved the problem of physical fluctuations and weather conditions under the previous “each-transportation-to-hospital” mode .

I called the grandfather that night to inquire about the hospital’s conditions and sources of food. I didn’t feel relieved until I learned that everything was guaranteed. Until this time, the grandfather was still saying sorry to me. He said that if I got infected because of this incident, he would feel very guilty. After comforting my grandfather, I simply ate dinner and quickly fell asleep.

Rarely rested on Sunday, early in the morning, in my sleepy eyes, I dreamed that I actually went to my hometown to visit my own grandma and grandpa. The two old people reached out to me tremblingly, wanting to touch their grandson who was beaten by the wind and rain, to touch my face that was exposed to the sun and rain, and to touch the virtual snow and ice of Helan Mountain that had not melted for four years in my body. I knew it was a dream, but I still didn’t open my eyes. Let the goodness continue . . .





Team Leader: Arthur Zhang 
Team: Arthur Zhang, Benjamin Chan, Lyra Gu, Gideon Kinnah, Yue Dong, Lyon.
Script: Lyon, Arthur