Love Shanghai, let’s work together!

The sudden epidemic has plunged the proud city of China into a state of paradox. Grid management and endless 48-hour temporary closures have become the most discussed topics in the past two days. Currently, the entire Shanghai city has not been locked down. The arrival of the national supervision team has triggered all sort of rumors, and the once proud “Shanghai model” seems to be ineffective.


In fact, people working and living in Shanghai are not frightened by the epidemic. People are getting used to living with Covid-19. Although they are isolated at home, they can still order their favorite cup of coffee after waking up. The recent Chinese New Year was not as lively as this. Everyone happily buys all kinds of vegetables, fruits, snacks, and drinks that will be needed during the home isolation to prepare different kinds of delicacies that they didn’t have time to cook every day.


The rumor mill continues to run on the internet. But the most important thing that keeps the city safe is the countless hard-working medical workers silently healing the city, community staff who regard the community as their own home, volunteers, the police, as well as Knights in blue and yellow serving everyone a hot meal and necessities.


As an ordinary citizen of Shanghai, not causing chaos is the biggest task in overcoming the epidemic. Everyone has a common goal, to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and usher in the sunshine in the spring.


THP pays tribute to everyone who has contributed to the fight against the epidemic in spring of 2022, you are the most lovely people.


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