HerTelling 2022

#HerTelling is a none commercial social initiative to create a column for women around the world, to hear their voices in addressing issues surrounding women, as long as they are willing to say it. THP recognizes the need to honor the outstanding power of women, inspire the next generation of women, address systematic and relevant issues and promote equality and inclusion.

This year’s #HerTelling discuss gender bias impact on equality, women empowerment, sustainable future. Theme: Equality an Ally for Sustainable Future.

Speakers: Uta Gretzky – Executive Director @ IFES, Helene Peterson, First Secretary and Controller at the Embassy of Sweden in Kampala, Uganda, Riccarda Schmidt Head of Digital Commerce @ Mars, Franka Askani Category Development Analyst @ Mars, May Ali International Public Speaker & MC and Maria Xu Brand General Manager @ BJ CSGC

Host: Savannah Yu

Watch below

Partners: Thornehope, EVELIST, EDPA, Austcham, IFES, Thanks to @Mars for their support.

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Project Leader: Gideon Kinnah
Team: Arthur Zhang, Benjamin Chan, Lyra Gu, Gideon Kinnah, Yue Dong, Lyon Liang, Savannah Yu.
Script & Design: Gideon