International Children’s Day 2021

Children are the hope and the future of humanity. In celebrating international children’s day, we highlight our voluntary services to public fundraising for needy and less fortunate Children in China

 “E.G.G.WALKATHON” is a public welfare brand project initiated by Shanghai United Foundation, aimed at a 12-hour walk. The 50-kilometre hike is targeted to raise funds for children in need to grow up healthily, happily and develop equally.

“一个鸡蛋的暴走”是上海联劝公益基金会于2011年发起的品牌公益项目,旨在通过12小时50公里的徒步筹款,帮助 0-18岁困境儿童健康快乐成长、平等发展。

Children are the future. Nurture them right, so that they grow up to be able leaders and lead the world towards light

This year is the second year of THP strategic partnership and support for E.G.G.WALKATHON. We have designed and produced the promotional video which was played on 2 outdoor screens in Xuhui & Pudong district, as well as the Live Studio. The video was based on the keywords, with fast transitions, strong colour contrast, the formation of dynamic and catchy visual effects. We hope that more caring people can join in the “E.G.G.WALKATHON” to light up the future of children in distress.


We also provide posters and material design, MG video and exclusive event emojis, in the THP official WeChat Official Account, official Video account, TikTok. THP also launched promotional campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin to warm up the “E.G.G.WALKATHON,”. THP voluntarily participated in the offline activities and provided logistical support on May 15.


Team Leader: Arthur Zhang 
Team: Arthur Zhang, Benjamin Chan, Lyra Gu, Gideon Kinnah, Yue Dong.
Script: Yue, Lyra, Gideon