MWC 2021 goes Hybrid: May Industry update

MWC Barcelona 2021, the biggest event in the mobile industry, comes off in 28 days, June 28- July 1. The exhibition adopts 5G and beyond as the theme. This year’s event offers a hybrid option for all attendees to visit in-person or virtually. Connecting people and technology across the globe, the Spanish government has extended privileges to all MWC participants, providing clearance for all exhibitors and sponsors in addition to registered attendees.

In other news, Xiaomi, the Chinese Mobile phone giant opt for a virtual part of the exhibition citing travel restrictions and safety concerns for its withdrawal. This follows the recent good announcement of Xiaomi finally taken out of the USA blacklist of companies related to the Chinese military. Attendees who cannot physically be in Barcelo can enjoy the display of technology by purchasing their virtual pass: €438.9 (iDiscovery) or €768.9 (iLeaders).

Source: MWC Barcelona

4th CIIE 2021

As a world-class Expo, the China International Import and Expo provides a new channel for countries and regions to do business, strengthen cooperation and promote shared prosperity of the world economy and trade. The 4th CIIE will be held on November 5-10th, 2021, in Shanghai. The Expo continues to grow and has become one of the best channels for many partners across the region. Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Hosani, director of the services department at Dubai Exports, has expressed the Kingdoms interest to explore the Chinese market and promote economic and trade cooperation between China and the Middle East. As of May 31, 2021, 475 companies and 14 regional exhibition groups across the world have signed up for the fourth China International Import Expo.

The 4th CIIE focuses on the six major exhibition areas of food and agricultural products, automobiles, technical equipment, consumer goods, medical equipment and healthcare, and service trade, providing global companies with an excellent display platform and sharing of the Chinese market. Opportunity. The event is expected to improve its previous success.

 The 3rd CIIE will be held as scheduled in Shanghai from November 5-10, 2020. It accumulated a total transaction volume of $72.62 billion, a 2.1% higher than its annual growth. The about 400,000 registered professional visitors sharing an exhibition area of 360,000 square meters.

Source: CIIE, PRNewswire

10th China Flower Expo, Shanghai Chongming

Picture Source: Globaltimes; The giant butterfly-shaped Century Pavilion located in the northern part of the expo

About 20years ago, the Chongming District of Shanghai positioned its self as the ecological Island of the city. Such dedication is contrary to industrialization geared to quick profit-making factories. Chongming focused on restoring its natural environment and developing its eco-friendly agricultural, leisure and tourism industries to become a world-class ecological island by 2035.

Shanghai’s Chongming Island hosts the flower expo

Today, the Island has a 30% beautiful forest coverage. Its residents enjoy good air quality all year long. One fruit of such sacrifice for an ecological environment is the privilege to host China’s largest flower festival. The 10th China Flower Expo, yet again, was opened in Shanghai Chongming Island on May 28, 2021. The Flower Expo comprises 180 outdoor gardens, 64 indoor exhibition zones and two service zones with exhibits designed by both local companies and some from Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, Israel, South Africa and South Korea.

The giant butterfly-shaped Century Pavilion located in the northern part of the expo is designed to reflect the “Blossom with the Chinese Dream” theme as this year marks the centenary of the Communist Party of China. About 20,000 people visited the expo each day, where they admired more than 20,000 exhibits, including 1,000 types of new flowers. The Chongming district remains optimistic to promote ecotourism and green agriculture during the Expo.

“We will continue the momentum of building Chongming into a beautiful countryside where people can gaze at the night stars, hear the birds sing and smell the flowers.”

Li, Party Secretary of Chongming
Picture Source: Globaltimes; Drone display of the giant butterfly-shaped is designed reflects the “Blossom with the Chinese Dream”

By the end of 2020, the country’s flower planting area reached 1.5 million hectares with annual sales of 250 billion yuan ($39 billion), making China the world’s biggest flower production base, said Liu Dongsheng, deputy director of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, during an earlier press conference.

Source: Globaltimes, PRNewswire

Design Shanghai

Since its inception in 2014, the exhibition has showcased cutting-edge design works from leading domestic and foreign brands to a global audience. Design Shanghai, returns with a focus on regenerative design, presents a host of both Chinese and international brands with a tone of cultural touch and programs exploring the positive impact of design on people and the planet.

“Design Shanghai will focus on regenerative design and the role designers and design innovation plays in realizing new solutions that improve our living environment.”

Zhuo Tan, Design Shanghai Director

Design Shanghai 2020 covered five main exhibition areas: contemporary, classic, kitchen and bathroom, office, new materials & applications. Its 2021 version will continue its huge scale and great commercial value strength as Asia’s leading design event. Design Shanghai 2021 will be held from 3-6th June at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition. Laufen, Villeroy & Boch, Kohler, Porcelanosa and Axor, Shang Xia, PUSU, 2-LA, UFOU, Studio Monana, THE SHAW and U+ (first-time exhibitor) will be among the leading exhibitors on the exhibition floor.

China continues to champion inclusive post-covid19 economic growth. Business across industries a picking up pace, evident inconsistent holding of exhibitions and events. Thornehope stands ready to provide solutions for companies seeking business opportunities in China’s ever-growing economic power.

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Team: Arthur Zhang, Benjamin Chan, Lyra Gu, Gideon Kinnah, Yue Dong.
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