THP 2021 Q1 Briefing

Breakthrough with challenges

Huawei Global Digital Transformation Conference 2021

As a creative player in the exhibition industry, THP has never stopped innovating. In the first quarter of this year, THP planned, designed and executed the first Online comprehensive marketing Conference curated for overseas high-end government and corporate customers-Huawei EBG Industry Digital.

THP’s role was creating the experience (everything) from scratch; from script to filming to execution; multi-cities, multi-sites, multi-time zones and countries, multi-project leaders, in the face of risks, limited time and challenges. Within just 30days, everything was executed and completed working with our client as a team. 10 storyboarding scripts were completed in 7 days, 2 Opening Videos (OVs) + 16 Keynote shots in 12 days and post-production finalized in 8 days.

In the face of challenges, THP tenacity comes into force, fully demonstrate the ability to allocate resources, the team’s tactical cooperation and perseverance. Whether online or in-person events, we always believe that an event should be memorable and celebrated. It should have strong emotional expression and visual communication. THP focus is lasered on delivering an experience that gives value to clients goals and leaves a nostalgic impression, that lingers-on on the target audience be it local or foreign and across diverse fields.

The thing “self” is invisible. It hits something else and bounces back to understand “self”

Yoji Yamamoto

One of the true nature of THP lies in our commitment to becoming an excellent solution expert, an outstanding digital activity solution expert and at the same time, a strong and a trusted power solution provider.

作为会展行业的耕耘者,THP 从未停止创新的脚步。今年第一季度,全程打造首场面向海外高端政企客户的综合营销活动-华为EBG行业数字化转型线上大会。一切从无到有,从剧本到拍摄到执行;多城市、多场地、多时间段、多变化;面对风险与挑战,客户指哪儿,我们打哪儿,充分展示出了资源调配能力,团队默契配合及坚韧执着的信念。我们始终相信,一场能让人记住并传颂的活动事件,无论是线上亦或是线下,一定在情感表达及视觉传达上拥有极强的黏性与吸引力,THP将专注于此致力成为优秀的方案解决专家,同时强大有力的落地保障永远是THP的本色标签之一。

作为会展行业的耕耘者,THP 从未停止创新的脚步。在2021年的Q1全程打造了首场面向海外高端政企客户的综合营销活动-华为行业数字化转型全球线上大会2021。


THP filming team

Pursuit for Excellence


As a pioneer in the digital transformation of exhibitions, while actively developing online exhibition business, THP regularly organizes engaging activities every month-T.G.I.F.

This quarter, we organized and observed offline brand exhibitions-2021AWE (China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo), Tadao Ando Art Exhibition-Endeavors and AUTO SHANGHAI 2021 (Shanghai Auto Show). Through continuous exploration and learning, we learned Industry dynamics and cutting-edge information technology. As sources of inspirations to stimulate creative design, we constantly keeping up with development in the industry, refreshing ourselves, and further improving our skills and professionalism.

In keeping up with the new track of digital transformation of event and exhibitions, THP will continue to uphold the spirit of continuous exploration and make deep integration of our networks and resources, in creating a new experience and value for clients.

作为会展行业的耕耘者,THP 从未停止创新的脚步。今年第一季度,全程打造首场面向海外高端政企客户的综合营销活动-华为EBG行业数字化转型线上大会。一切从无到有,从剧本到拍摄到执行;多城市、多场地、多时间段、多变化;面对风险与挑战,客户指哪儿,我们打哪儿,充分展示出了资源调配能力,团队默契配合及坚韧执着的信念。我们始终相信,一场能让人记住并传颂的活动事件,无论是线上亦或是线下,一定在情感表达及视觉传达上拥有极强的黏性与吸引力,THP将专注于此致力成为优秀的方案解决专家,同时强大有力的落地保障永远是THP的本色标签之一。


本季度分别组织观摩了线下品牌展会——2021AWE(中国家电及消费电子博览会)、安藤忠雄艺术展——挑战(Endeavors)与AUTO SHANGHAI 2021(上海车展),通过线下的交流与学习,了解行业动态与前沿信息技术,激发创意设计灵感,从而不断刷新自我,进一步提升专业能力与职业素养,而对于会展数字化转型这一新赛道,THP将继续秉持不断探索的精神,让线上与线下模式深度融合,为客户打造全新的场景体验

Charity Run


As the official strategic activity partner of Shanghai United Foundation, THP continued to contribute to this year’s “E.G.G.WALKATHON”. “E.G.G.WALKATHON” is a public welfare brand project initiated by Shanghai United Foundation, aimed at a 12-hour walk. The 50-kilometre hike is targeted to raise funds for children in need to grow up healthily, happily and develop equally.

THP attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility and hopes to call on more people to pay attention to children in the Central and Western regions who lack family support or suffer improper guardianship through the charity walk. Supporting this charity project enables the NGO to improve its communication and service to these kids. Through that, participants can also achieve personal goals and the pride of contributing to public welfare.

Follow the official account of Shanghai United Foundation and watch the live broadcast on 15th May.


Dream Chasers


What is your passion?

Chasing dreams is chasing his own fortune.

There are sixpence all over the floor,
but he looked up and saw the moon.

“The Moon and Sixpence”

What do you do every day after work?

What is your passion?

What do you seek to achieve a year today?

Use your dream to draw a map that will not be lost, and launch yourself forward!

Designed by Morris

THP officially launched the 2021 iDream challenge today – The Dreamcatcher;

Comment below your iDream challenge of this year.

We will update and review the challenge from time to time.

At the end of the year, the highest achieving Dreamcatcher (iDream challenge) will be rewarded with well-deserving prizes.

The iDream challenge will be an important part of the year-end review.

I hope that by the end of the year, we will witness this year-long growth and dreams-come-true.






THP今天正式启动2021年iDream challenge——追梦人;

小伙伴们可以在本期评论区留下自己今年的idream,我们之后将不定期更新追梦路上的点点滴滴, 并在年终评选出今年的高光idream,送出神秘奖品,而各位看官们的打赏、点赞、转发、评论,





Team Leader: Arthur Zhang 
Team: Arthur Zhang, Benjamin Chan, Lyra Gu, Gideon Kinnah, Yue Dong.
Script: Yue, Lyra, Gideon