A decade ago, 5th January 2011 Thornehope Creatives was born in Shanghai with the mission to make success happen. Throughout the 10years, THP has exhibited professionalism, creativity, tenacity in providing results to its clients leaving glorious footprints across 5 continents.

A memorable celebration was held to commemorate this milestone. At the 10th Anniversary celebration, stories of the company’s journey were shared by management, co-workers and partners across the globe. Employees, teams and partners were awarded for their exceptional contribution to THP’s success story.

In the next decade, the company won’t rest on its laurels but envision to become a hidden champion in the experience industry. Our core values are: Quality first, Become a Life-long learner, Teamwork and Results Proven.

THP seeks to take on bigger challenges, making success happen for its clients, partners and teams.

Long Live THP.