We kicked off our first TGIF in 2021 with a team building session lead by our special guest Zhang Yong; a research expert, business developer and business coach.

Evaluating the personalities of the Xiaomi’s ‘Seven Gentlemen’ the activities were focused on identifying and understanding the various personalities of each team member. Four types of personalities were identified; the cultivating type (Green), the innovator ( Blue), the tolerant ( yellow) and the guidance system (Orange). President Obama’s ability to embody all four personalities enriches his leadership ability. The Chinese movie ‘Monkey King’ also shows the cohesion of the various type of personalities to achieve a goal.

Journey to the West
USA President Obama delivering his acceptance speech for his 2008 victory

One formula for a successful business is strategy + organizational capabilities. Teams or workers form an integral part of an organizational capability to make success happen. Teams are made up of people, people are made up of character and personalities hence knowing how to build an all-round team is a recipe for success.

At THP, our workers are the core of our success stories hence as we launch deeper to be a champion the experience, event and exhibits industry, THP will continue to develop its teams to provide best of solutions to our clients.

Green (training type) “people-oriented”-happy, free, optimistic, respectful, persuasive, sociable, optimistic and positive

Blue (prospective) “innovative creators”-have the ability to innovate, have clear goals, strive for the best, and do not want others to interfere

Yellow (tolerant) “team cohesive”—recognizing the merits of others, creating harmonious team relationships, being friendly, pursuing harmony and teamwork

Orange (guidance) “system builder”-pay attention to process, orderly, careful, and follow the rules