In light of the pandemic, the organiser, Ministry of Commerce of The Peoples Republic of China has instituted effective protocols to ensure a pandemic free exhibition before, during and after the CIIE 2020.

Below are some of the measures instituted;

  • All participants attending the third China International Import Expo in November must undergo a 14-day quarantine in designated hotels and submit to multiple tests. During the 14-day group quarantine at designated hotels, two additional nucleic acid tests will be conducted on the 5th and 12th days.
  • The overseas participants are also required to conduct a 14-day self-health observation before their entry into China.
  • Exhibitors shall apply for and sign in the “Shanghai Health QR Code”
  • Exhibitors shall conduct self-health monitoring every day and immediately report to the inviting party and go to the CIIE designated hospital if there is any symptom.
  • In the exhibition areas, all exhibitors shall wear face masks all the time as required and keep social distancing. All participants must prepare self-protective items in advance, and wash hands with liquid soap (once every two or three hours) or with hand sanitizer

after touching public goods.

  • During the non-exhibition period, all exhibitors are recommended not to visit crowded public places or join a party if not necessary. Its recommended to wear a face mask throughout the journey on public transport.

Source: Ministry of Commerce of The Peoples Republic of China