THP successfully carries out Huawei IT Distribution Partner Conference 2020 in Dali City

From August 18th to 19th, 2020, Huawei’s annual IT distribution partner conference successfully held at the Hilton Hotel in Dali, Yunnan Province. A city rich in culture, beautiful landscape, flowers and refreshing wind. The conference came to the ancient city of Dali for the first time, attracting more than 200 partners from various fields across the country to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation with Huawei, and explore new cloud computing, cloud data, and Internet of Things. The two partners of this event; Huawei and Intel also focused on examining the changes and results brought about by technology, industry development trends and discussed business market expansion strategies to achieve a win-win situation.

As Huawei’s event management expert, THP played a 360o role; from event concept, planning & design, execution and management. The event concept, design and planning were done in just one week and completed all material production and execution within two weeks with amazing dexterity. The event was divided into two parts; keynote conference and 2 appreciation dinners. It included 10 speeches, 5 brunch sessions and 2 dinners with more than 200 awards. With only a 1-day rehearsal, the event was delivered perfectly!

In planning this event, THP adopted the local minority culture of Dali as its theme concept and invited famous Yunnan singers- Ah Si and Bai nationality actors to entertain and showcase the rich Dali culture to the invested guests. A perfect fusion of technology and culture.

In light of changing dynamics in the new normal, throughout the planning and management of this event, the expertise, diversity, tenacity of THP is visibly exhibited in its ability to effectively and efficiently deliver excellence without compromising on quality and goals in diverse markets and event destinations.