New coronavirus spike in Beijing on June 14th

According to the China Central Television Broadcasting Station “China News” (reporter Li Wenrui) report, on June 14th, Beijing held two press conferences to address the new spike of coronavirus epidemic prevention and control and announced 44 new confirmed cases.

Novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control Conference was held in Beijing on June 14th at noon. At the 115th press conference, released details of 36 newly diagnosed cases June 13th from 0:00 to 24:00. Then in the 116th press conference held in the evening; 8 newly confirmed cases were reported in Beijing from 0:00 to 7:00 on June 14. All of these 44 newly confirmed cases are related to the wholesale market. Xu Hejian, deputy Director of the Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Committee and spokesman of Beijing municipal government, said: “Beijing has entered a series of outbreaks of confirmed cases and positive cases of nucleic acid tests in recent days. Beijing has entered an extraordinary period. We must tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control and resolutely and decisively handle it. Resolutely block the transmission channels of the epidemic, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic. Those who have been in close contact with the wholesale market of Xinfa since May 30 should take the initiative to report to the unit and the community, and go to medical or testing institutions for nucleic acid testing.

In response to the risk that the temporary market closure of the Xinfadi wholesale market may cause fluctuations in the prices of vegetables and other necessities, Beijing has issued three emergency notices in order to maintain the stability of the prices of necessities in Beijing. At present, the price supervision of 7 large supermarket chains including Wumei, Yonghui, and Carrefour has been strengthened to prevent the hoarding of goods and price increases.

In addition, Beijing will further strengthen the management of fever clinic and hospital infection prevention and control during the epidemic. Gao Xiaojun, the spokesman of Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission, said: “all medical institutions in Beijing, especially 79 medical institutions (including 6 military ones) with fever clinics, are required to carry out new coronavirus nucleic acid and antibody tests, CT and routine blood tests (referred to as 1 + 3 tests) for all fever patients, and further strengthen the inquiry of relevant epidemiological history, especially whether you have visited places such as Xinfadi and other farmers’ markets in the past 14 days.”

In terms of strengthening hospital prevention and control, Gao Xiaojun introduced that it will strengthen the implementation of 16 measures for Beijing hospital prevention and control. In particular, all medical institutions are required to further strengthen the training of all medical personnel, strictly implement the national and Beijing medical personnel protection guidelines, strengthen the protection of personnel in key places such as pre-examination triage points, fever clinics, and observation areas, and minimize the risk of infection of medical personnel. A novel coronavirus pneumonia case was requested to be promptly investigated and sterilized, and medical personnel and other related personnel contacted with the confirmed cases were thoroughly investigated. The disinfection of the ward was completed. Gao Xiaojun said: “for example, 79 medical staff and other staff who have been exposed to the confirmed cases in Xuanwu Hospital and Boai hospital have all been tested for nucleic acid, and the results are all negative. On June 13, 8 municipal hospital experts were dispatched to further conduct on-site guidance and inspection on the prevention and control of hospital sense in relevant hospitals. ”