BEIJING, Control measures for New coronavirus spike

At the Beijing epidemic prevention and control press conference held on the evening of June 16, Chen Bei, Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing municipal government announced the situation of the epidemic in Beijing was very serious. The public health emergency response in Beijing was adjusted to level 2 on June 16.

Beijing established a total of 5 checkpoints testing a total sample of about 2800 on June 15th with confirmed cases rising to 106. The highest temperature in Beijing on that day was 37℃ hence health professionals required water breaks.

15 prevention and control measures:
After upgrading to level II response, the stipulated 15 control measures are as follows:

  1. Strictly implement the prevention and control measures for the places such as the agricultural trade market, the food market, the catering stores, the units and the canteen, comprehensively standardize the environmental sanitation, strengthen the monitoring and close all the unauthorized wet market places. The employees in the above business places must wear masks and gloves.
  2. The inspection and Quarantine of port food shall be strictly enforced, the quarantine standards of imported food shall be improved, and the tractability management shall be strengthened.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to leave Beijing for the market-related personnel of medium and high-risk streets and new places. Other personnel insist on not leaving Beijing unnecessarily. If they really need to leave Beijing, they shall hold the negative certificate of the nucleic acid test within 7 days.
  4. After reopening the communities, people can only enter if they meet measures such as temperature measurement, verification, code inspection and registration. Medium and high-risk streets and towns under the jurisdiction of the community, village outsiders and vehicles are forbidden to enter. The communities and villages under the jurisdiction of high-risk streets and towns are under full lockdown, and the person can only go in and out and carry out home observation and nucleic acid detection.
  5. Adjust the proportion of public traffic restriction, control the full load rate, implement the prevention and control work of disinfection and ventilation, physical examination, wearing masks, setting of the observation area, transfer of hot passengers and information registration.
  6. On the basis of the complete detection of nucleic acid for indoor personnel, the personnel and close contacts who have visited Xinfadi, yuquandong, Tiantao Honglian market and other key areas in the past 14 days shall be investigated and the detection scope shall be expanded as required.
  7. The online teaching of all grades was resumed, and college students stopped returning to school.
  8. Temperature monitoring, daily ventilation and disinfection, and health code inspection shall be carried out for commercial buildings, supermarkets, hotels, hotels, restaurants, factories, construction sites, stores and other public places and construction sites. Under the Level II response level, there is no need to stop production and stop work, but the office building and on-the-job rate should be reduced, and the flexible office such as remote and working from home should be encouraged, and the off-peak commute should be encouraged.
  9. The flow of indoor public places such as libraries, museums, art galleries and park scenic spots shall be reduced by 30%, and preventive and control measures shall be taken, such as booking and limiting the flow in different periods of time, remote dredging, etc. The indoor and outdoor sports and fitness venues shall adopt the reservation and current restriction measures, stop the opening of basketball, volleyball, football and other group and antagonistic sports, and close the cultural and entertainment venues, underground space, sports and fitness venues, swimming pools and so on.
  10. Special institutions such as supervision, pension, welfare, mental health and so on shall be subject to strict closed management, focusing on the prevention and control of imported epidemic and internal disease transmission.
  11. Under the condition of strict implementation of various prevention and control measures, meetings of less than 100 people can be held, or video conferences can be held, and but stop all exhibitions, sports events and performances.
  12. Adhere to an outpatient appointment registration system.
  13. Stop inter-provincial group tourism business.
  14. Insist on mask-wearing at all times. Professional institutions such as medical and health institutions and public service personnel must wear masks. If they are in close contact with less than one meter, they must wear masks when they are in a densely closed area and crowded places.
  15. It’s not necessary to gather at a dinner party and prevent people from crowding up. When carrying out activities, try to maintain a social distance of more than one meter. Have good ventilation system and strictly increase the frequency and scope of cleaning and disinfection in accordance with specifications.

Source: Xinhua News Agency, Comprehensive People’s Daily, Beiqing Video, CCTV News