SHANGHAI Training Institutions can Resume Contact Classes in Batches Starting May 18

On 15th May, after effective epidemic prevention and control and thorough research the Municipal Education Commission has announced, all kinds of offline training services (except for confined areas) for adults over 18 years old in Shanghai, and all kinds of training services for minors in outdoor places can reopen after meeting the laid down requirements.

Those who meet the requirement can apply for inspection by the competent industry management department. Training institutions can resume offline service from May 18 (the specific recovery time will be released by the training institution) if they pass the inspection.

Other offline service training institutions can prepare for the prevention and control work in advance, and the specific recovery time of offline training services will be determined according to the epidemic situation.

According to the announcement, the training institutions within the corresponding scope, after doing a good job in prevention and control, shall report to the competent authorities of the industry for records and compliance.

Training institutions will require a QR Code from the competent authorities for inspection and approval. After obtaining the QR code, the training institution shall publicize it in a prominent position for supervision. Failure to obtain the QR code of approval, relevant offline training services shall not be carried out.

Source: Shanghai release