We as THP have identified suspicious cyber activities in our email system on 13th May 2020, sending out unauthorized emails to clients and colleagues. Our system security teams are taking effective measures to curb and end this suspicious activity.

You might receive an email (either text or HTML-based) saying they have shared an important document with you. The email looks a lot like an official Dropbox email sent from any of our colleagues and has a link to access a document. 

Image: Suspicious email, sender pretending to be us sent via dropbox and

We entreat you, our client/partner to scrutinize emails. Do not download any files from such suspicious emails. Kindly contact us if any suspicious email is sent to you.

Now what to do:

  • Kindly pay attention to the source email. It’s not from our system or any of our colleagues.
  • If you haven’t opened such an email, just delete it.
  • If you have opened and downloaded such an email, you have to change your email password immediately.
  • Install malware protection software and do a thorough scan of your device or contact IT personnel for advice.

Be rest assured your details are safe and we are working to end this suspicious activity.

Stay vigilant.

Thank you.