Picture: 2019 Buster Call exhibition, Shanghai designed and managed by Thornehope Creatives

The month of May opens with hope for the event and exhibition industry as the Shanghai Municipal Government announced the reduction of Public Health Emergency Response to level 3 from level 2. This opens the way for face to face marketing to be held in the near future. Let’s check out exhibitions scheduled for the early second quarter of the year.

China Sports Show is an event you will find the latest sporting goods, the most cutting-edge sports technology, and equipment, aiming to build a more complete and effective trade negotiation platform for the industry and provide a wider range of business opportunities. This year’s event promises to show the rapid development and integration in the sports industry. China Sports Show 2020 is slated for 22-24th June at the National Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai.

The 2020 International Baby Photo Expo is scheduled for 8-10th July at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Hall 7.2 / 8.2. The Expo will cover Album photo frames, clothing and supplies, research and development and joining of photo samples, research and development of pregnant mommy clothing and samples, photorealistic props, commemorative supplies, and services, later software, hospital visits and postpartum recovery, online marketing and training, celebration event planning, etc.

China Wedding Expo 2020 will also be held on 8-10th July at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Hall 5.2 / Hall 6.2 / Hall 7.2 37th. Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition will showcase products, services and brands from Wedding dresses, jewelry department stores and make-up supplies, photo album frames, photography equipment, and post-production equipment, photography background props, wedding planning, and props, wedding photography theme sample development and joining, children’s photography supplies, window design and furniture, management training and Software and other related products and services.

The 17th Shanghai International Luggage Exhibition, one of the well-known domestic luggage and leather goods trade platforms comes off on 2nd – 4th July 2020 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Shanghai International Luggage Exhibition is a high-end platform for global luggage manufacturers and distributors, agents, e-commerce, micro-commerce, international trade buyers, brands, designers to communicate with each other, focusing on the luggage industry, gathering industry products and technologies, Information, contacts, display and promote Chinese luggage brands, and promote Chinese luggage to the world.

CIOSH 2020 Shanghai, originally scheduled to be held on April 8-10, 2020 but canceled due to obvious reasons. It finally comes off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. After more than 50 years of development, CIOSH has become an industry spearhead, leading the scientific and technological development of the labor protective equipment industry in China.

ISPO Shanghai exhibition provides a multi-category sports trading platform that leads the industry in China and the Asia-Pacific region. ISPO Shanghai 2018 attracted a total of approximately 14,500 industry professionals and sports enthusiasts to gather at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

ISPO Shanghai 2020 is scheduled to be held on July 3-5, 2020 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. To encourage patronage the organizers have employed a welfare group system. Groups can be organized by managers, purchasers, design and development personnel, coaches, and sports enthusiasts in the sports industry, retail industry, and related fields. 5 people or more (same unit) can form a group.