Exercising to Support Public Welfare, “Keep Eggxercising” Goes Alive Online

Every May, there is a meaningful challenge called “one egg walkathon”. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, THP is honored to be the Strategic Event Partner of this charity campaign. THP provides both online and offline support to the event. As a citizen of the world, THP shows compassion and be a beacon of hope.

What is this Campaign about?

“One egg walkathon” is a public hike fundraising activity launched by Shanghai Lianquan public welfare foundation in 2011. Participants need to hike 50km (two kilometers more than the total length of Beijing Third Ring Road, equivalent to the distance between Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport) in 12 hours, and the marathon is no more than 42km.

Why an egg?

The “one egg” project was originally designed to enable primary school children in poor areas to eat one egg every day and raise funds for the “one egg” project. The name of “the campaign of an egg” is catchy. It has a strong grassroots folk meaning and is still used.

What is the significance of this campaign?

The purpose of this activity is to raise funds for the complexion of a U building block program and the U spring program, with focus on the healthy growth and equal development of children aged 0-18. It has helped 600000 children and adolescents since its inception.

1. 30 days of fat burning and muscle strengthening, 1.66 million kcal Camp Challenge

There are two kinds of challenges set up in this activity, which can be done in a personal way and participated in as a group. Participants can either complete 50 km hike in 30 days, or 3000 calories corresponding to 50 km as exercise challenge and at the same time raise funds for public welfare. It can even call on more people who love sports and are enthusiastic about public welfare to participate. Many enterprises and social groups can PK each other in the form of “Camp Challenge” and call on friends and family members Join us to achieve the goal of 1.66 million calories in each camp.

2. Connect online and supervise each other. You can participate as long as you want

There is no limit to distance and exercise time. Participants can invite relatives and family members, who want to connect with friends and classmates (from 1 to 10 to 1000) to participate in the activity together remotely. Distance is just a noun at this time.

3. Exercising becomes positive energy, becomes the power of beauty + 1

Whether it’s burning calories or activating energy, it’s more about raising money for children’s future. All the money raised in this activity will be used for public welfare projects in four children’s welfare areas: nutrition and health, education development, safety protection and social integration. As of December 31, 2019, the “one egg walkathon” activity has helped 740000 children and adolescents and funded 683 public welfare projects.

4. Reduce carbon and plastic, and become a low-carbon lifestyle

Since 2018, Lianquan public welfare has called on everyone to pay attention to the garbage generated by the activities and advocate zero-waste and low-carbon life together with partners. This year, Lianquan public welfare also called on participants to use more fixed fitness cars and elliptical machines while exercising, make more use of natural things around them to exercise, and reduce the use of plastic products, low-carbon sports and low-carbon life.

Go with THP

To achieve the goal of this campaign, THP is not only a strategic partner, we encourage our staff and partners to participate in this health and charity campaign. Join us now.

We stay united as a people through the epidemic period. Today we celebrate “520” day, an opportunity to show love. With love in your hearts, in our societies, lets spread the euphoria of love. Thank you!