Guidelines for novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control in Shanghai exhibition industry

Source: Shanghai Commission of Commerce

The Shanghai Government releases guidelines for novel coronavirus prevention and control in shanghai exhibition industry. This guide is applicable to the organizers of various exhibition activities in Shanghai during the epidemic prevention and control period Venue units and participants (including exhibitors, builders and service subcontractors Business, audience, etc.).

1. Strictly implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control

The organizer of the exhibition shall establish epidemic disease according to the principle of “whoever holds the exhibition shall be responsible for it”. The organizer of the exhibition shall formulate a strict on-site epidemic prevention and control work plan, and comprehensively coordinate the epidemic prevention and safety work of the exhibition.

2. Prepare well for the exhibition

Exhibition organizers should use online, offline and other channels to carry out real name registration in a timely manner. Collect personnel information of all participants and establish information base. Exhibition organizers and venue units shall purchase enough masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, thermometer and other anti-epidemic materials. Organizers should train staffs on anti-epidemic and emergency handling skills. Implement “zero report” system of health status checks of staffs every day.

3. Adhere to reasonable control of people flow.

Exhibition organizers shall implement all activities via online appointment, certificate management, real name admission system for participants and other measures. The exhibition organizers should strengthen the overall planning and control the personnel density on the exhibition site. Arrange special personnel to be responsible for real-time monitoring of the flow of people on site to ensure the smooth emergency access. Avoid dense audience during exhibition and divert flow and report according to the public security and health departments for guidance.

4. Ensure venue sanitation

Before and during the exhibition conduct strict and comprehensive inspection and cleaning of the exhibition hall, strengthen the public areas disinfect high-frequency contact points and exhibition supplies, and update daily in relevant areas show disinfection. The venue should be well ventilated (fresh air), clean, disinfest or replace relevant equipment/parts of central air conditioning.

5. Strictly guard against all kinds of risks

The exhibition organizer should have masks available at the exhibition hall, control the number and scale of meetings, forums, and various activities. The exhibition organizers shall set up onsite medical services, reserve necessary drugs, and protective materials. Venue units shall provide catering services, exhibition equipment leasing, and other service providers. Strengthen management and training to ensure that its staff, products, and places are free of all hidden health and safety dangers.