The Best Foods to Eat During the Outbreak

It’s often said eating healthy protects the body. Most people never believed this until the novel coronavirus took the world by surprise. No vaccines or cure is available yet. It was discovered a good immune system is the best medicine to fight this virus.

At present, cutting edge medical technology only plays the role of helping the body, the human immune system to regain its ability to fight against viruses and heal itself. That’s why even without a specific drug, someone can be cured. The immune system is particularly important in fighting against this virus.

How to eat to improve immunity?

Recommended foods – Staple food + meat and eggs + milk + vegetables + fruits + water

Staple foods: grains, beans, potato, and taro

Main nutrient elements: carbohydrate, dietary fiber Grain refers to rice, wheat, brown rice, oats, rye, corn, millet, buckwheat, job’s tears, and other grains.

Beans vegetables refer to soybeans, black beans and green beans (these three kinds of beans belong to big beans, which are the source of bean products, including tofu, soymilk, sufu, bean sprouts, etc.) All dried beans except red beans, mung beans, kidney beans flower beans, etc.

Root vegetables refer to taro, yam, potato, sweet potato, purple potato, cassava and so on.

In addition, some high starch vegetables and seeds can also be classified as staple foods.

Meal suggestion: Do not eat instant rice noodles. It’s important to eat whole grain and balanced diet is the best

Animal Protein

Main nutrient elements: protein and fat

fish, shrimp, shellfish, crab, poultry (chicken, duck, goose, etc.) and livestock (pig, cattle, sheep, etc.). Because fish, shrimp, shellfish and crab can not only provide high-quality protein but also provide healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

Considering the cholesterol content in the yolk, one egg a day is enough for healthy people.

Diet suggestion: Try to vary what you eat. For example, breakfast eggs, lunch pork, chicken, dinner shrimp, etc. In addition, bean curd and soybean milk are also important sources of protein supplement.

Dairy foodsMain nutrients: calcium, protein (milk protein)

Food suggestion: you can eat milk / milk powder / yoghurt with breakfast, or you can take dairy products as an extra meal, and you’d better take about 300ml every day.


Main nutrient elements: inorganic salt, vitamin, dietary fiber

In addition to leafy vegetables, mushrooms rich in vitamin B2, iron and potassium, and seaweeds rich in iodine are also very recommended choices in vegetables.

Selection order: fresh, beautiful and bright-colored vegetables, have higher nutritional value. Therefore, fresh vegetables are preferred.

Diet suggestion: it is better to take more than 5 kinds of vegetables every day, and the raw weight is more than 500g.


Main nutrients: vitamins, dietary fiber

Generally speaking, as long as the fruit is fresh, it is good. Hence it’s preferred to choose the fruit of the season. Apples, pears, bananas, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, pitaya, and other low-calorie high-nutrition value of fruits are all good for frequent consumption. For some other high-calorie fruits, such as durian, mango, jackfruit, it is better to eat just the right amount.

Diet suggestion: at least 200g fruit per day, about 2 fists.

Take note! After juicing, the nutrients in fruits and vegetables will be thrown away. Therefore, it is generally recommended to eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of juicing.


Drink boiled water / mineral water. You can choose some pure tea and black coffee, or drink some light vegetable mushroom soup (less oil and salt), but fruit and vegetable juice and other sugary drinks are not recommended.

Recommendation: drink plenty of water, not less than 1500ml per day.


You can also eat an appropriate amount of nuts (15-30g) every day. It is better to choose combinations of nuts such as almond, almond, green root fruit, walnut, pistachio, cashew, peanut, etc.

Nuts contain high protein, fat and other nutrients, which play an active role in strengthening the body and preventing diseases.

The human immune system is a complex and huge system, which will not be easily repaired to an efficient functional level. Therefore, in order to effectively enhance immunity, we need to maintain good health habits, exercise properly, eat a balanced diet and get enough sleep for a long time.

Remedies for insufficient vegetable intake

During the outbreak, if it is difficult to buy fresh vegetables, you can also do the following remedies:

In order to avoid going out every day, you can stock more frozen meat, bell pepper, chicken breast meat, etc., and try to choose less starch.

It is recommended to select dried beans curd, mushroom, tremella, cauliflower, kelp, etc. Although some of their water-soluble vitamins are lost, their dietary fiber and mineral content are good.

You can choose some frozen vegetable bags (not fruit and vegetable crisps). The vegetable bag with freeze-drying technology has less nutrient loss and is suitable for soup and noodle cooking.

We can replace some fine grains with coarse potato and taro grains to help us supplement some of the nutrients lost due to the lack of vegetables.

If the above methods are still difficult for you, it is recommended to go to the pharmacy to buy these two supplements:

Dietary fiber supplements: priority should be given to those containing inulin, resistant dextrin, and other ingredients, with the content of more than 5g per package. Comprehensive mineral supplements: Daily over-the-counter drugs (OTC), such as Shancun, etc.

Although these supplements can’t completely replace vegetables, they can help us supplement most nutrition directly and effectively when we can’t eat vegetables.

You don’t have to worry too much. If you can’t eat fresh vegetables in a short period of time, your body will only have some constipation problems. If you don’t eat vegetables for a long period of time (for several months), your body will be affected by a long-term lack of some nutrients.

I hope the above will help you. I suggest that you treat the epidemic with a peaceful mind. When its over, everything will be as promised. Hope you eat well! Drink well! Good health!

When the epidemic situation is over, “hot pot milk tea crawfish, fried chicken hamburger Haidilao” can be eaten casually ~ Its terrible I don’t go out again now.

After the outbreak, my first meal will be KFC egg tarts. And you? Do you have any special food that you can’t eat now?