Laymen panic buying masks, while health professionals improve their immunity

The layman only knows how to panic buying the mask, health professionals are paying attention to improve their self-immunity, which can resist the infection of various viruses. Usually, paying attention to the health condition, maintain the body, improve immunity, is the basics of good health.

How to improve immunity:

1. Be sure not to eat sugar and less processed food.

2. Have more meat and eggs and protein.

3. Supplement vitamin C, B6, and vitamin E.

4. Appropriate fasting can improve immunity.

5. Keep appropriate body temperature.

6. Exercise properly and do strength training.

7. Reduce the intake of contaminated and unclean food.

8. Be sure to sleep well, Reduce stress and anxiety.

9. Take some immunity-enhancing foods (except amino acids in meat and eggs, eat some chili and drink green tea appropriately)

10, Get sunshine and fresh air where possible

11. Supplement trace elements, mineral zinc, and magnesium, etc

It’s easy to weaken the immune system. You just need to eat more sugar, stay up late, excessive drinking, and sit still for a long time. Strengthening immunity is an important way to fight against the virus, hence you need to strengthen your immune system.