CEO Message: What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

Dear valued clients, THPers, partners and all,

We have entered into the 4th month of the COVID-19 crisis in China and the global society. Although we cannot estimate the impact of this crisis on the global economy, the Economist’s latest research, states the novel coronavirus will probably cause the most brutal recession in human memory.

We are indeed in difficult times. The virus is not only claiming human lives but our way of life, work and business have been forged into a completely new direction. However, we have a new opportunity to reflect on the past, the present and envision the future. It has also presented an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone.

At THP, we have taken a series of concrete measures in an effort to weather the storm.

  • All THP members work in a highly safe environment, delivering services with the best of professionalism and quality.
  • We identify client’s new pain points, act quickly and provide effective and efficient solutions.
  • We are in closer and constant contact with all partners in our supply chain and the entire ECO system.
  • We have positioned ourselves to provide support such as volunteer services, professional knowledge, skills, and consultancy.

In early April, the Shanghai municipal government confirms the reopening of grade 9 & 12 schools. Which is a signal, with the collaborative efforts of various countries, societies, and communities, life and business will be back to normal.

At the moment our priority is the safety and well being of all clients, partners, peers and the greater global population.

We are confident the global economy, governments and society weather this situation.

Stay Healthy, Together Strong

Arthur Zhang