A Recipe Worth Sharing

It’s a great day today. I would like to invite you to share a recipe.

The reason for this idea is that I was shocked to hear about something in the office the other day. There is a colleague in our company who ate convenience foods for two weeks during the isolation period. Because he can’t cook good food to eat.

Wondering why you can’t cook. Why don’t you learn?

My colleagues said that first, I find it difficult to learn how to cook; secondly, I feel that I can go to restaurants and order takeout under normal circumstances, hence it’s not worth learning how to cook.

I talked about this with Chen Zheng from the listening group. He told me that recently he had just seen a book called “the absolute temperature of a talented Chef”.

This book makes him feel that cooking is not necessarily related to craftsmanship.

The protagonist of this book is a Japanese chef, called Shiao Mita. He was an unprecedented presence in the history of Michelin. After opening the French restaurant in one year and five months, he won the Michelin 3-star award, which is the shortest record in Michelin’s history.

How did he do it?

The truth is particularly simple, it’s about accuracy. For example, to make foie gras, he would set the temperature of the oven to 85 ℃, then let the foie gras insert a thermometer into the oven, and take it out when the internal temperature reaches 58 ℃. The surface and internal temperature of foie gras are different, so it has a special taste, and the taste is instant.

But Chen told me that the most impressive thing in this book is not the method of cooking, but the meaning of cooking.

In 2011, there was a big earthquake in Japan. Seeing the tragedy in the disaster area, Mizoda decided to go to the disaster area as a volunteer and cook for the victims.

One of the victims ate the food he made and said to him, “it’s good to live to eat such delicious food.”

After hearing this sentence, Mitian Zhao was particularly shocked. Originally, his goal was to be the best French chef, but since then, the goal of his cooking is to make people experience the beauty of life with delicious food.

Imagine that our colleague who has eaten instant noodles for two weeks might have also felt the days of isolation was so difficult for him if he also ate such a delicious meal.

So, you see, cooking is not only a skill to support yourself, but also a strength to encourage yourself in difficult times.

I would also like to invite you today to share a family menu that is of special significance to you.

If you can’t cook, I encourage you to find a friend who can cook and ask for a recipe. I instructed Li Qian the best cook in our company, who is called the cook’s mother to put the easiest-to-use home cooking recipe, steamed fish, and put it in the article.

Chef’s Steamed Fish Recipe:

1. Use a steamer to boil a pot of water.

2. Wash about 1-1.5 kg of fish and put it on the plate. Cut 4-5 pieces of ginger and put them on the fish (perch, mandarin fish, turbot and grouper are all OK).

3. Place the plate with the fish into the pot after the water is boiled. Heat up and steam for eight minutes.

4. Steam the fish and chop the onion.

5. Turn off the fire and let the fish steam for four minutes.

6. Open the lid and take out the steamed fish plate. The most important thing is to pour out the water at the bottom of the plate, otherwise, it will smell fishy.

7. Put the scallions on the fish, pour two spoons of steamed fish soy sauce or seafood soy sauce, and then heat one spoonful of oil (the amount of oil depends on your preference for light degree) and pour it on the scallion. It’s ready to eat!

Source: Shao Heng headlines