T.G.I.F Mysterious Flow


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  What is flow?  


Have you ever experienced this feeling:


“Forget yourself, forget the time. Every movement and thought followed the one before it, like jazz. You put your heart and soul into it.

—— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyic

这就是匈牙利裔美国心理学家米哈里·齐克森米哈里(Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)提出的心流体验(Flow)的概念。指一种完全投入、忘我的状态,忽略时间流逝,宛如置身于一条河流,内心感到深深的满足

That’s what hungarian-american psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called 「Flow」. Refers to a state of total devotion and selflessness, ignoring the passage of time and feeling deeply fulfilled just like being in a river.


When flow occurs, people experience a high sense of excitement and fulfillment. Concentration, even if the universe is large, so many things, but also can stay out of the situation, I forget the situation.


What is group flow?  


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi also said that not only individuals who can generate flow, but also when the whole team is focused on the same thing and reaches a collective state of mind, 「group flow」 could occur.


「group flow」, means that the whole team is focused on the same thing, sharing the same brain in a tacit way. The goal of group flow is to connect the ideas of the team members together, without too much communication but knowing what to do next.

本期TGIF, THPer的小伙伴们来到了【一起即兴】。通过在团队活动中运用即兴表演的技巧,来体验神秘的“集体心流”状态。

THPers came to the 【easy improv】for TGIF. We experienced the mysterious state of “group flow” by using the techniques of improvisation in group activities.


Games  train group flow

Anyone Who






Under the guidance of  staff E, we entered into the group flow step by step through five games including “ta-da”, “pass without object” and “join words into letter”. In the process of experiencing the elements of group flow, enhance the understanding of colleagues and developed more tacit understanding. From the beginning of being shy to liberated our nature and absorbed into the state of cooperation at the end. Thpers devoted themselves to the activity and became part of the team, feeling the charm of flow.


Today’s TGIF: 「group flow」makes all THP people became a whole, felt the connection with their partners, felt acceptance by the group, and gather ed more core forces.


Let’s looking forward to more interesting TGIF~


  文字  ▏Yui

审稿 ▏Arthur 

合作伙伴 ▏一起即兴