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2019 INNERSECT全球潮流文化体验展在上海新国际博览中心拉开帷幕。自2017年起,INNERSECT已成为全球艺术、设计、科技、时尚等领域中的顶级潮牌集会。创始人陈冠希取“intersect”的“交融”之意,希望参与展会的人在时尚、艺术、科技、音乐、体育等领域感知一种内在的文化力量。

The 2019 INNERSECT global trends cultural experiences exhibition kicked off at the new international expo center in Shanghai. Since 2017, INNERSECT has became the world’s top popular logo gathering people in the fields of art, design, technology, fashion etc. The founder Edison Chen took the “intersect” meaning of “intersect” to name this exhibitiion. He hopes that people who participate in the exhibition can perceive an internal cultural power in fashion, art, science and technology, music, sports and other externally visible forms.

「BUSTERCALL PROJECT」参与了 2019 INNERSECT全球潮流文化体验展。以超高人气动漫作品《ONE PIECE》的感动为主旨,与日本和来自全球200多名艺术家合作,致力于通过艺术家们丰富多样的想象力,在原作的基础上创造出更多崭新的事物,重现这部20多年来风靡全球的连载漫画和动漫系列。


「BUSTERCALL PROJECT」participated in the 2019 INNERSECT global trend cultural experience exhibition. It re-interpreted the animation works inspired by the 《ONE PIECE》and worked with more than 200 artists from Japan and around the world. Committed to creating more new things based on the original through the rich and varied imagination of artists, represent this comic strip and anime series which has been popular around the world for more than 20 years. 


此次展会上,BUSTERCALL ART GALLERY共展出绘画、立体模型、影像、CG等200余件作品。其中,日本著名拼接艺术家、美术印刷设计师河村康辅作为神秘嘉宾亲临现场,特别打造《ONE PIECE》主角团群像.现场演示了制作方法,他高超的技艺与精致的作品吸引了大批粉丝围观驻足。

In this exhibition, BUSTERCALL ART GALLERY exhibited more than 200 works including paintings, stereoscopic models, images and CG. As a mysterious guest, the famous Japanese Mosaic artist and graphic and printing designer Kosuke kawamura, created a special group image of the protagonist of “ONE PIECE” . He demonstrated the production method of his new work on the spot. His superb skills and exquisite works have attracted a large number of fans.



本次活动的展台布置希望呈现出混乱、无序的艺术感。仿真石头的制作工艺是一大难点。THP通过与客户不断地沟通,与供应商多次尝试,一起协助喷漆,最终呈现出令客户满意、有质感的仿真道具。“it’s even better than last time.” 客户称赞比在洛杉矶的展台制作工艺还要精致。

The booth layout of this activity hopes to present a chaotic, disordered sense of art. Simulation stone production technology is a major difficulty. Through continuous communication with customers and repeated attempts with suppliers, THP assisted in painting and finally presented the simulation qualified props that satisfied customers. “It’s even better than last time.” the client praised the craftsmanship was even better than the booth in Los Angeles.


本次活动圆满落幕。THP很荣幸地将全球艺术家的自由和幽默的创作呈现在 INNERSECT全球潮流文化体验展中。通过「BUSTERCALL PROJECT」展台为大家创造一个新的潮流价值观。

The event ended successfully. THP is honored to present the free and humorous creations of artists from around the world in the INNERSECT global trends cultural experience exhibition. Create a new trend value for everyone through the 「BUSTERCALL PROJECT」 booth.

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