3D printing, a disruptive creative force


With the continuous reform and innovation of global manufacturing, there is also a demand for more efficient and high-quality commercial production models. 3D printing as a disruptive creative force has become a catalyst for the deployment of new technologies in manufacturing worldwide.


From the most traditional material manufacturing to additive manufacturing, 3D printing has entered the automobile, aerospace, medical care, education, consumer electronics and other fields. It can be seen everywhere in our daily life.

为了使3D打印作为新技术帮助各个领域中的企业实现更多可能性,更多创新。今年以“更多自由,更多可能”为主的 Stratasys中国3D打印用户大会于11月1日在北京海航大厦万豪酒店召开。

In order to make 3D printing as a new technology to help enterprises in various fields to achieve more possibilities and more innovations. This year’s Stratasys China 3D printing user conference, featuring “more freedom, more possibilities”, was held on November 1 at the marriott hotel,Haihang tower, Beijing.


As a leading face-to-face marketing communication solution provider in international events and exhibits domain,THP keeps an eye on the trend of the industry. THP had the honor to design and plan this conference for the brand. Lets‘s take a look of  some highlights of the big 3D user event.


Guests from different fields around the world were invited to share innovative applications and cases of 3D printing in various industries.


The sharing of the conference showed the rapid development of China’s 3D printing market and its great potential.


Stratasys’ products have been fully upgraded. It released the latest models designed for designers at the conference, and held a special autumn promotion in China.


Stratasys, meanwhile, displayed a wide range of 3D printing products at the conference. Fully demonstrated that 3D technology can meet changing consumption patterns.


Since many users could not participate in the scene for various reasons, it specially set up a live channel to report the live state in real time. More than then thousands of people tuned in to watch the broadcast, which sparked heated topic.

在大会的茶歇以及午餐时间,THP设计了“寻找属于你的Susan”互动趣味小游戏,展现Stratasys 3D打印技术的动画运用。

During the tea break and lunch break at the conference, THP designed an interactive fun game called “find your Susan” to show the animation application of Stratasys 3D printing technology.


Finally, Stratasys concluded the conference with an award presentation session.

近350名用户们来到了大会现场,体验了Stratasys 最前沿的技术产品,让用户们发现了3D打印技术运用的更多可能。

Nearly 350 users came to the conference to experience Stratasys’ cutting-edge technology products, allowing users to discover more possibilities of 3D printing technology.


For more information about the conference, review the conference live at the link below.



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编辑&撰稿:Yui Man

审稿:Arthur Zhang