The New Silk Road, The Jewel of Human Civilization


On October 23rd, Eurasia Innovation Day 2019 was successfully completed in Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku Azerbaijan.


The event is part of the Eurasia Innovation Week 2019 with focus on the theme of “Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent Eurasia”. More than 400 guests from world-renowned think tanks, experts, scholars, media and regional ICT industry partners gathered together to discuss Future ICT innovations and the development of the digital economy in the Eurasian region.


Through this platform, it will accelerate the high-quality development of the digital economy in Europe and Asia.


The Innovation Award Ceremony was successfully held in award dinner, five interesting awards announced:



 The Innovation Ecosystem Representative of The Year


 The Innovation Project of The Year


The Innovation Event of The Year 


 The Influencer of The Year 

5. 年度最佳开启奖

The Startup of The Year


And this award will be presented every year.


Looking to the future, ICT innovation is the jewel of human civilization. It can unlock individual potential, promote business growth, make life safer and healthier, make life richer, and help us solve the most challenging problems in the world, including the economy.

THP Creatives 设计参与此次活动,成为大会的一部分倍感荣幸。为能发挥我们的国际项目设计与管理才干而自豪。让我们共同迎接新丝绸之路的新机遇、新挑战!

THP Creatives is proud of being part of the event as the international event agency. Let us embrace the thrilling new opportunities & challenges in the NEW Silk Road.