Smart Connectivity, RAFI and RITTAL highlights in CIIF

2019年9月17日-21日,第21届中国国际工业博览会以“智能 互联 赋能产业新发展”为主题在国家会展中心(上海)开幕。

From September 17 to 21, 2019, the 21st China International Industry Fair opened at the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) with the theme of “new development of intelligent Internet enabling industries”.


Following THP, let’s review some of the highlights of the fair.



RAFI, an expert in human-computer interface, attended the conference. This is the fifth year of cooperation between THP and Rafi.In addition to the simple and atmospheric brand design, this year we have added some curved elementsto present a more open and convenient booth for Rafi.

在展台的背墙上,THP 设计嵌入式弧形展示区。相比较传统柱形展示柜,提高了空间利用率。展示墙利用漫光包围,吸引观众眼球。6块floor standing 展现按钮开关、组合式按钮等产品。接待桌,floor standing也呈弧形

On the back of the booth, THP designed anembedded curved display area. Compare to the traditional column shape to show ark, it raised dimensional utilization rate. The display wall wassurrounded by diffuse light to attract the audience’s eyes. 6 floor standing displayed the button switch, combined button and other products.Reception table, floor standing were also in arc shape.


The 72-square booth of the whole exhibition bears the attention of many audiences to the RAFI‘s brand and products. The clear product display and open negotiation area enabled Rafi to interact with audiences from different industries and won the favor of customers.



Rittal runs the show with the theme of“smart connectivity” and appeared at the show with sister company Eplan. Rittal elements were used in the whole booth, and a large area of black was dotted with the bright pink, which made the whole booth look calm but not stuffy.


The booth was divided into two floors, open design. In the center of the ground floor, it set an interactive device that embodies the theme of “intelligent interconnection”. The audience can watch the detailed product introduction on the following the screens by rotating the disc.


Two sides of both put display wall and display cabinet which naturally divide space to form moving line and avoid crowds. It also let the audience having a better understanding of Rittal’s products, which presented an efficient switch cabinet and control cabinet digital production work scene to the audience.


At the back of the booth, THP designed as an open BBS area to meet Rittal’s needs for product presentations, interviews and interaction.


The second floor is different from the previous chatting area, which is a semi-open design, so that customers can have insight into the situation of the first floor at any time. At the same time, the second floor also set up three small meeting rooms for the audience.


The whole Rittal booth brings the whole 360° value chain of “software + hardware + service” to the audience. THP used creative design to interpret Rittal’s brand image and professionalism.


This CIIF successfully concluded, for more  CIIF content, please look forward to the next Schunk booth “grab” your eyes ~