Humanistic Intelligence, making true love more powerful


On September 8, 2019 Goldian held a The Irene 9.9 international true love day and humanity intelligence summit with the theme of “Humanistic Intelligence, let true love more powerful “in Shanghai the bund W hotel.

THP结合真爱与科技的理念,通过创意设计, 为大家呈现出一场精彩纷呈的视觉体验与科技感的现场互动。

THP combines the concepts of true love and technology to present a wonderful scene interaction of visual experience and fantastic sense of science and technology through creative design.



This year, The Irene 9.9 international true love day and humanity intelligence summit continues to discuss the full picture of “love”. Through the expression and innovation of contemporary science and technology, to explore the form of “love” that has never been paid attention to, so as to present the greatest “love” in science and technology.


Mr. Kou Man-yuen, chairman of the committee of the true love festival, Mr. Benoît GuidéeConsul-General of France in Shanghai, Mr. Christophe Lauras, President of the French chamber of commerce, AI experts and other guests gave speeches for the international true love day and humanity intelligence summit.

真爱女神艾琳娜也被赋予了生命,栩栩如生的站在了舞台上。现场舞台采用顶尖全息技术搭建, 通过实时3D动作捕捉与全息影像首次结合,使灵魂人物爱神艾琳娜正式亮相,且与嘉宾和观众互动爱的传递,让现场观众倍感惊喜的同时,为大家呈现了一场科技盛宴。

True love goddess Irene is endowed with life, lifelike standing on the stage. The stage is built with the top holographic technology. Through real-time 3D motion capture and holographic images for the first time, it let Irene made her first appearance on stage. She also interacted with guests and audience to transmit love. She let the audience feel surprise at the same time and presented a technology feast for everyone.


There was also a very important moment in the activity,  the China Everbright Bank also joined the true love festival action, and released the “Everbright and Goldian” true love joint credit card with Goldian . THP used holographic technology to create the launch ceremony video to help launch the credit card.


True love goddess Irene sang beautifully and performed the “true love life” theme song that Mr.Xiaosong Gao created for the festival with dancers. Through science and technology, it made virtual characters and real characters to perform together; it also created a dream like unreal, unreal and real visual enjoyment through the holographic. Beautiful songs, beautiful dancing and high-tech presentation, made the true love festival activities to the climax. 


And the little angels are always the incarnation of love. At the end of the event,  they sang another theme song “long time true love” which is also created by Mr.Xiaosong Gao to the audience. When the angels waved goodbye, the audience was moved and reluctant to leave.


The Irene 9.9 nternational true love day and humanity intelligence summit calls on everyone in the world, together with “love”, take all hopes and innovations, to “explore love, feel love, wake up love”  !


THP also created every detail for love, and helpd the true love festival with actions. We sincerely wish the festival of true love better and better, and true love can be transmitted to every corner of the world


Thanks to THP ten team members’ efforts for a long time. It is the biggest recognition and encouragement to us when the customer is satisfied with the nod and smile. We are also willing to make our own contribution to the beauty of life.


Stay tuned for the next activity!