Roechling Tech Day

Roechling Tech Day

劳士领-蔚来 技术展

26 July, 2019 | Shanghai,NIO | China

7 月,上海酷热难挡,热浪连连。在炎炎夏日中上海蔚来大楼迎来了劳士领-蔚来技术展。

In July, Shanghai was sweltering with heat waves. In the hot summer of Shanghai NIO building ushered in Roechling-NIO Tech Day.


Roechling is a professional automotive plastic parts design enterprise. It provides customers with one-stop solutions including airflow, thermal, fluid management design, acoustic design and lightweight functional integration design.


Roechling led the aerodynamics system,advanced active cleaning system and cooling system, lightweight process and structural components and other solutions  to present at the tech day. Roechling also communicated with NIO intelligent electric vehicle company to discuss the automotive technology trend, committed to creating a better and more sustainable tomorrow.


On that day, the enterprise executives and technical expertise of NIO and Roechling gathered for an in-depth thought collision to explore new business opportunities and new ways of sustainable development of the industry.


On that day, Roechling held two technical lectures on core products. Lectures has attracted a lot of NIO  technical personnel to participate in the discussion.


On the spot, Roechling leaders presented traditional products such as active grille shutter, underbody panel, cooling system products, battery cover, etc. They also introduced to the audience the latest innovation including active speed lip and advanced active cleaning system.


The tech day area is divided into three sections, from the aerodynamic system, propulsion, new mobility to show the latest research results and solutions of Roechling collar technology.


NIO is one of the important strategic partners in the global system of Roechling, and we have always attached great importance to the cooperation with NIO. 


THP designed H5 system for this exhibition to help Roechling better understand exhibitors. We sent the invitations before the tech day to warm up the exhibition. Visitors need to register and register for the exhibition, and can see the exhibition agenda on the system in advance, understand the content of the exhibition and arrange their time reasonably.


Through the form of questionnaire survey to collect weilai staff’s communication feedback to labor leaders to help them better grow. At the end, guests can participate in a lucky draw to bring the exhibition atmosphere to a climax.


Even the weather is very hot, it can not block the enthusiasm of people to participate. Nearly 400 NIO staff participated in this technology day, and the on-site interaction was positive and enthusiastic.

本次技术展在热烈的气氛中圆满落幕。THP 成功地交付了一场“火热”的技术展,帮助两家企业通过技术交流,建立更进一步的战略合作关系。

The tech day ended in a warm atmosphere. THP successfully delivered a “hot” technology show to help the two companies build a further strategic partnership through technical communication.


Let‘s look forward to TGIF in August and the CIIF in September~

编辑&撰稿:Yui Man

摄影:Migo Hu

审稿:Arthur Zhang