THP Exhibition information for the second quarter


Since the last update, THPers have been so busy, not been lagging at all. Missed you guys so much!

| One |
Sustainable reusable presentation module, long-distance implementation in the North and South.

2019年3月28日-31 第20届深圳国际机械制造工业展览会(SIMM 2019)在深圳召开,2019年4月15日CIMT中国国际机床展北京拉开帷幕。两大自动化行业大展背靠背相继举行,THP为雄克公司提供了完整的展位设计,制作及现场服务。看似两个月的展会,但从SIMM 展的撤展至CIMT的进场,期间只有10天,不同的设计,高度的调整,物料的刷新,都必须在10天内完成,还得考虑长途物料运输的时间。

The 20th Shenzhen International Mechanical Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM 2019) was held in Shenzhen, China, from March 28 to 31, 2019, China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT) opens in Beijing on April 15, 2019. THP provides complete booth design, production and field service for Schunk Company. The two large automation industries Exhibitions have held back-to-back. Although it’s supposed to be a two-month exhibition, but we only had two days to set up and move in. It’s not an easy work since it involved different design, height adjustment, material refreshment as well as the long-distance material transportation time.

| Two |
UNIVERSAL @ Productronica China 2019
World-class micro robot arm, brand-new stand design style.


From March 20 to 22, 2019, we took charge of the overall design and site construction of the stand of UR Robots in the Shanghai International Exhibition Center in electronica China. The booth has an area of 72 m2 and a height of 4.5 m, adopting a three-sided open exhibition area design. In this exhibition, UR Robots has brought the small torque tightening application, the flexible feed machine screw pre-twist application, the three-arm PCB board equipment and many other stations, attracted many visitors visit and consultation.

| Three |
German style quality lasts forever, stable team has high efficiency.



From March until today, as a member of the Annual Tour, Rittal participated in Xi’an International Equipment Manufacturing Expo (CWIEME), Shenzhen Data Center Technology Expo (IDC) and Beijing Industrial Intelligent and Automated Power Transmission Exhibition ( IAMD).

During the exhibition, many domestic and foreign industry experts and industry media also pay close attention to the development trend of frontier manufacturing industry, and fully understand the impact of the digital value chain system of Rittal on advanced manufacturing industry in Rittal booth. Let’s take a look back at the last few shows.

14-17th, March, Xi’an Station – 2019 West International Equipment Manufacturing Expo
25-26th, April, Shenzhen Station – 2019 Asian Data Centre Technology Expo
8-10th, May, Beijing Station – 2019 International Industrial Intelligent and Automated Power Transmission Exhibition
The former president of Chinese Academy of Engineering visited Rittal Beijing Booth


There have an annual China International Big Data Industry Expo will be held in May, then you can see Rittal as well. Of course, as a loyal fan of Rittal, THPers will continue to work hard to present the brand image of Rittal perfectly, let’s look forward to it!

| Four |
Brand new group brand debuts.


MKS Instruments, Inc. 作为全球领先的光电行业服务商,提供用于测量、控制、驱动、监控和分析先进制造流程的关键参数的仪器、子系统和流程控制等解决方案。 Newport, Spectra-Physics, Ophir——MKS集团三大光学品牌以有史以来最强大的阵容出席此次光电盛会。

March 20th, The Laser World of Photonics China 2019 had a grand opening in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a grand event of laser, optics and optoelectronic industry in Asia, it presents the full range of products in the photoelectric industry from an international perspective, which is specially designed to meet the unique needs of the Chinese market.

MKS Instruments, Inc. as a leading provider of optoelectronic services worldwide, provides solutions for measuring, controlling, driving, monitoring and analyzing key parameters of advanced manufacturing processes, such as instrumentation, subsystems and process control. Newport, Spectra-Physics, Ophir, MKS Group, are the three major optical brands which have been the most powerful in history to attend the Event.

| Five |
RAFI @ Assembly & Automation 2019
German brand, Made in China, sparkle with simple simplicity.

2019年5月9日-11日 2019汽车技术-生产自动化展在武汉国际博览中心顺利召开。我司负责了RAFI整体展位设计和现场搭建的工作。展位面积36平米,高度4.5米,三面开口。虽然是36平,但我们的展位在整个B1馆中“鹤立鸡群”,最后的这个词语是客户对我们展位的评价,也是对我们服务的肯定。

From May 9th to 11th, 2019, Automotive Technology-Production Automation Exhibition was successfully held in Wuhan International Expo Center. We are responsible for the design of RAFI’s overall booth and the site construction work. The exhibition area is 36 m2 and the height is 4.5 m, with three-sided open exhibition area design. Although it is 36 square meters, but our booth in the whole B1 “stand out from the crowd”, which was not only the customer’s evaluation of our booth but also an affirmation of our service.


Busy 2 months, the domestic business is in full swing, international business also in full swing, next time will also bring you the latest and the most wonderful report, remember to pay attention to THP!