AWE 2019, Design Journey with Philippe Starck & Ora Ito

重磅来袭!AWE 2019: 2019年3月14日至16日与世界知名设计师Philippe Starck, Ora Ito以及Gorenje设计团队的创意之旅.

COMING SOON! AWE 2019: A design journey with world-class designers Philippe Starck, Ora Ito and Gorenje design team on March 14th -16th, 2019.

@AWE 2019  [Gorenje展台2F51; W2馆;  上海新国际展览中心]  
@ AWE 2019 [Gorenje stand 2F51; Hall W2;  Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre]  

作为Gorenje展台系列活动之一,我们非常有幸能够邀请到Phil Starck以及Ora Ito。展会现场除了安排其他的一些活动以及演讲,设计师与Gorenje团队将每天为观众带来不同主题的创意之旅:

  • 3月14日:Ora Ito,“未来设计,由简至繁,简单主义”
  • 3月15日:Gorenje,“复古设计,设计之旅”
  • 3月16日:Philippe Starck:“意念设计,寻找自我”

As a part of our event program we will be honoured by Phil Starck and Ora Ito joining us at the Gorenje stand. Among other activities and presentations at Gorenje stand both designers and Gorenje team will  hold the following inspiring sessions on their design journey:  

  • 14th of March: Oraïto: “Future design, simple to complex concept; simplexity!”
  • 15th of March: Gorenje: “Retro design, design journey” 
  • 16th of March: Philippe Starck: “Image design, finding yourself”  
Ora Ito
Philippe Starck

如果有兴趣参与现场的设计互动,请发送邮件至:matej.sodja@thornehope.com并提供您的完整联系方式:姓名,职位,公司,电话以及邮箱。 [截止时间: 14:00, 3月11日] 数量有限,先到先得。

Morning/noon sessions, 09:30 – 11:30. In case you are interested in attending the event please contact us on: and provide full contact details: name, job title, company name, tel. number and email [DEADLINE: 14:00, 11th of March]. Attendance spots are limited.  

在此次AWE 2019展会中,欧洲设计品牌Gorenje的指定THP创意策划为其展台搭建商及现场体验服务商。在这个775平米极富创造力的空间里,我们诚邀您来体验高度定制化的设计以及世界级设计大师为Gorenje设计的产品线。

THP Creatives has been appointed as the onsite experience designer and an official stand builder of European design brand Gorenje at AWE2019. It is an inspiring project of 775 sqm with minimalistic overall design inviting you to explore design highly customised sub-sections allocated to world-famous designers and design lines of Gorenje. 


From the functional stand point the stand its-self is a full fledged event venue (rather than just a stand) with its design lines sections, auditorium, its own kitchen, networking b2b section and workshops. Incredibly functional!


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