又一届BAUMA CHINA来袭,作为英国KHL出版集团的指定展览设计及搭建服务公司,THP非常荣幸的连续第八年为KHL提供专业服务。

Another BAUMA CHINA came. As the designated exhibition design and construction service company of the British KHL Publishing Group, THP is honored to provide professional services to KHL for the eighth consecutive year.

27日是第一天开展,小编一如既往在开展前来到展览现场,与熟识的每一位客户say morning,仔细清洁展台每一个角落,协助远道而来的英国客人熟悉接下来4天属于他们的一片小天地。

On the morning of the 27th, we carefully cleaned every corner of the booth. During this 4 days of exhibition, we became familiar with our British customer who came from a faraway place . 

KHL集团总裁James King一早抵达现场,对THP的施工质量服务赞不绝口,这对于辛苦多日的THP小分队来说无疑是一种肯定。

James King, President of KHL Group, arrived at the scene early in the morning and praised the construction quality and service of THP. This is undoubtedly an affirmation for the hard-working THP squad.


KHL acquired OHR in 2017. The two brands jointly unveiled in the exhibition. The booth is located next to CATERPILLAR in the New International N1 Hall. Interested customers are welcome to visit the scene.


See you at BAUMA CHINA 2020!