[MIH2] 5G Era is Coming

好消息我们的栏目《MIH Make It Happen》强势回归啦。


It’s been a long time, here we bring the latest news for THP’s overseas project in Turin, Italy.

——Global ICT Energy Efficiency Summit 2018 

今年大会的主题为5G Power,我们将它理解为基石,一切网络连接的基石也是今天与未来的连接。

This year’s event theme is 5G power. We understand it as the base. The base of the network is the connecting point of now and future.


In the exhibition area, we divided the spaces and used many elements of base to the entire venue. From the lighting, booth design, wall graphic, visitors can feel the message from the future.


After communicating and confirmation with the venue, although the space for the even setup is very limited, we still manage to use all usable space as much as possible. 

我们围绕5G Power主题设计的发布仪式。

It is the launch ceremony we specially designed for this event according to the 5G Power theme.

最后所有参与这次大会的嘉宾们在5G POWER的LOGO后合影留念,庆祝本次大会的圆满举办。

In the final part of this conference, all guests were invited to for a group photo in front of the 5G Power logo, to celebrate the success of the conference.


After the conference, all guests were invited to join the gala dinner.


The unique and interactive “Champagne Lady”was very popular, guests enjoyed the moment taking photos with the lady.


The high-tech magic show brought people to a future tech-word, splendid lighting effects creates a future 5G world.


The Turin project was not very huge, but we have team members from all Europe, the colleagues from Italy, France, Belgium, Slovenia joined together and made a strong team.


Let’s check out the highlights from the back scene.


After the hard onsite installation, all team members were involved in the final run-down check in the night before the event.


The hard work of all staffs delivers the 5G Power event through the perfect way, and it launched the THP’s Europe projects. Let’s wait and see the continuous event report.