The three days’ construction was orderly. The efficient work of the construction team and the connection with customers were all so beautiful. However, the storm is coming quietly.

A Real Exhibition in Nearly 150 Year Old Architecture

This summit was held in Stockholm, Sweden at a very old and famous hotel. This hotel is a symbol of local culture and landmark. First Nobel laureates are appointed to stay in the hotel which has a long history and story. Due to several expansions and renovations, the hotel has a complex interior with the porches, corridors and walkways winding in different periods…

[MIH2] 5G Era is Coming

This year’s event theme is 5G power. We understand it as the base. The base of the network is the connecting point of now and future.

[MIH2] Huawei Eco-Connect Nordic 2018

THPer first came to Norway to hold a meeting in northern Europe a few years ago, from then on, the fate of northern Europe began to unfold…