AWE 2019, Design Journey with Philippe Starck & Ora Ito

As a part of our event program we will be honoured by Phil Starck and Ora Ito joining us at the Gorenje stand. Among other activities and presentations at Gorenje stand both designers and Gorenje team will hold the following inspiring sessions on their design journey…


Another BAUMA CHINA came. As the designated exhibition design and construction service company of the British KHL Publishing Group, THP is honored to provide professional services to KHL for the eighth consecutive year…

Stratasys @TCT Asia 2019

2019年2月21日,TCT Asia 2019在上海新国际博览中心拉开帷幕,共有来自23个国家超过16000名观众会在三天内赶赴这个业内顶尖的盛会。

Happy New Year of the Pig

When I started to collect blessings and scan codes around me, I knew that the year was almost over. Some of feelings flow out only when we drink until the mid night. Looking back to 2018, we all have different ideals to play our own drama. But some mixed feelings, others can not experience…

Corning Outdoor Display

THP, as the creative design and project management of Corning Air Treatment System outdoor exhibition project plays a crucial role in both the beginning of the creative concept and the delivery of high-quality showroom.


The three days’ construction was orderly. The efficient work of the construction team and the connection with customers were all so beautiful. However, the storm is coming quietly.

A Real Exhibition in Nearly 150 Year Old Architecture

This summit was held in Stockholm, Sweden at a very old and famous hotel. This hotel is a symbol of local culture and landmark. First Nobel laureates are appointed to stay in the hotel which has a long history and story. Due to several expansions and renovations, the hotel has a complex interior with the porches, corridors and walkways winding in different periods…

[MIH2] 5G Era is Coming

This year’s event theme is 5G power. We understand it as the base. The base of the network is the connecting point of now and future.